The cloud of terror descends. It’s a variant of the fog of war. A photograph flits across the bulb, and that, say the news readers and the cut line at the bottom, is the “mastermind” of the mass killing. This time it was someone last seen driving a truck or a van full of corpses, to be delivered to a mass grave. I think the site of the supposed grave was in Syria. He had a big happy grin on his face.

No matter. Masterminds are a dime a dozen these days. Before the “JV” broke out in Iraq and captured Mosul there wasn’t a great deal of talk about ISIS. There was some, but it was more or less suppressed. The news queue is always tight. Just a little less tight than the great national attention span.

Our own Mastermind, speaking from Turkey yesterday, claimed that he was carefully heeding the advice of his military and intelligence advisors. What about that advice about leaving a contingency force in Iraq in 2011? (Roll out those “Booosh did it” excuses here, you sorry morons.) That was some advice that went unheeded. That contingency force that would have the backs of Iraqi forces, with forward on-ground air controllers and air support. I think the old cliché for that is “nipping it in the bud.” As in, you want to nip the “JV” in the budding stage, before it even becomes the “JV” (easily the most laughably glib term our Mastermind has ever used for anything; right up there with his description of his close friend Bill Ayers, a terrorist in his own right, as “some guy in the neighborhood”).

Then, after not heeding that contingency force advice, came the intelligence about the building threat of ISIS, glibly dismissed, again. In other words, he knew what was coming because his military and intelligence advisors were telling him.

But this is all academic now. Jonah Goldberg writes this morning about the new British Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, under the header “Loyal Opposition as Fifth Columnist.” Well, there’s been a lot of that fifth column stuff going around.

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