But is it vegan?

Bakin’ Baby Syndrome

Mark Steyn:

“What this evil toad “fought to protect” was Cecile Richards’ access to critical women and their “products of conception”. This is a uniquely American depravity – a billion-dollar abortion-industrial complex, unknown to the abortion regimes of France, Sweden, the Netherlands. Presumably all those Continental social democrats with their restrictions on “women’s access to critical health services” are also part of the “war on women”. The very fact that the Democrats’ leader in the Senate is willing to advertise his facilitation of barbarism is a sign of his confidence in the people’s indifference.”

Mark Steyn is almost gentle about this compared to the wild-eyed Ann Barnhardt, who discusses the eventuality of fetal cannibalism. I won’t link it because although I think Barnhardt makes a strong argument I don’t want anyone to have to see the accompanying photograph.

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