A further note about the Spitzer scandal

It occurred to me while watering my outdoor plants that with this Spitzer affair what is surprising is the dogs who have not seemed to bark behind the scenes. The two bigtime Democrats in New York are Madame Nu and Schumer the Reprehensible. Andrew Cuomo, the New York AG who dropped the safe on Spitzer, is a former retainer of Madame Nu and her husband. He worked for them as HUD secretary.

Pardon my cynicism about politics, but it seems to me that a backchannel communication from Mme. Nu, or husband, (Harold Ickes, for instance, specializes in handling such chores for the Nu family) to Cuomo would have had the heat off of Spitzer in a jiffy. But that would not comport with Nu’s nurturing of her support on Wall Street, where Spitzer is loathed.

And what of Schumer the Reprehensible? Well, he doesn’t have the clout of Nu and husband, but he certainly has enough clout to lay a hurt on any state Democrat who might incur his displeasure, including Cuomo. After all, Schumer the Reprehensible has bigtime say over who in the state gets to fill their bucket at the federal spigot (picking up on my foreshadowed plant-watering theme).

As I don’t believe that there is a genuine neutral position on this Spitzer thing, at least among Democratic power-brokers, then I can only conclude that Spitzer’s head, or at least his abject humiliation, is a gift from Nu, by proxy via Cuomo, to her extra-special friends on Wall Street and that Schumer the Reprehensible had to sign off on it, as well. He must also have pals down on the Street. Spitzer, meanwhile, doesn’t have many friends there, at least of the more important kind.

Then again, in the complex hall-of-mirrors world of Madame Nu, this could merely be the “grooming” of Spitzer for a spot in the potential Nu administration, where “grooming” is equal to what happens to male dogs, who are not for breeding, on a trip to the veterinarian around the time of their first birthday.

Those looking for a woman president should turn to Al Gore, because they certainly won’t be getting one in Madame Nu.

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