Naturalism, A Comedy

“On what ground is the house of nature built, Dr. Watson?”

“Why, Holmes, it is built on the ground of nature.”

“And where does the ground of nature sit?”

“It sits in nature, of course”

“And where did nature come from?”

“Again, from nature.”

“Oh, I see.” Holmes rolls his eyes. “And what is the purpose of nature?”

“It has no purpose, no purpose at all.”

“Why is it there? What is its meaning?”

“Why is it there? It has no reason for being there and has no meaning.”

“So, Watson, all of your reasoning takes you back to a foundation, in nature, of nature’s meaninglessness?”

“Of course it does, Holmes. You and I and all of it are completely absurd.”

“And where, again, but excluding the cause of nature itself, did nature come from?”

“Why, from nothing at all, my dear Holmes. From absolutely nothing.”

“And so you’ve concluded, my dear Watson, that something can indeed come from nothing?”

“Yes, of course I do. Everyone knows that, Holmes. The Americans call it the ‘free lunch’.”

“But there is no free lunch, Watson.”

“Exactly! That’s what I’m saying!”


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