Do you know what this means?

It’s from Joe Dimaggio’s career stats:

Over 13 seasons DiMaggio played in 1,736 games and had 6,850 at-bats. O.K. But here’s the stat that blows my mind. Joe hit 361 homers, but struck out only 369 times. His strikeout total is only eight more than his number of home runs.

Babe Ruth, by comparison, hit 714 home runs, but struck out 1330 times.

Ted Williams, a virtuoso hitter, hit 521 home runs and struck out 709 times, itself an amazing stat.

Mickey Mantle, who replaced DiMaggio in centerfield for the Yankees, hit 536 homers with a whopping 1710 strikeouts.

In the 1941 season DiMaggio played in 139 games, had 541 at-bats, scored 122 runs, had 193 hits, 43 doubles, 11 triples, 30 home runs, 125 RBIs, walked 76 times, and struck out only 13 times. His batting average was .357; on-base percentage .440, and slugging percentage .643.

(Later: I neglected to mention that the ’41 season was the year of DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak. When the streak ended, DiMaggio began a 17-game streak in the next game. So he hit safely in 73 of those 74 games.)

DiMaggio also played in 10 World Series for the Yankees, of which the Yankees won nine, including four in a row at the beginning of his career, and three in a row at the end.

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