The opportunist

I have always taken Obama very seriously. I used to take issue with people who insist that he’s stupid but don’t bother arguing about it very often at this point. (He knows precisely what he is doing and prosecutes his agenda with great deliberation. He’s a little bit past his ‘provocation a day’ method, but not that far past it.)

Almost a year before he was elected I did what the media refused to do, go into the teachings of Wright’s church, which is based on “black liberation theology.” I warned about it, and that no one who had carefully chosen and voluntarily sat in that kind of church (it is not a typical black church, not even close; it is in fact roughly the black equivalent of a white racist “Christian Identity” congregation) had any business being in the Senate, let alone running for president.

I won’t go again here into my analysis of Obama as a Marxist, his long background of being mentored by and allied with hardcore Marxists (like Frank Davis, a CPUSA member when that meant you were a Stalinist) stretching back to his young teenage years.

What you saw yesterday, when he jumped right out on his gun control theme, is a key element of the Leftist doctrine for dealing with American society, which the Left detests for both its freedom and complexity (the Left hates complexity and wants uniform “diversity,” and of course despises freedom and champions the state as the state religion).

Again, Obama is not stupid. His failures are perfectly consistent with “the worse, the better” dictum of a Marxist-Leninist. He has no interest in the truth and would never consider what it might be before he opened his mouth on any topic. The “truth” is what the Party says it is, and right now he is in power and he speaks for the Party and he will tell you what the “truth” is, but as you have probably noted, that changes as required.

You’ll note that while the people of Charleston were struggling to transcend those murders, to achieve exactly the opposite of the effect the murderer claimed he wanted, Obama was right on his political message. It was an opportunity.

“He is a character out of a novel that Orwell did not live to write.”

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