“Summer Vacation”

George Will:

“Progressives frequently disparage this or that person or idea as “on the wrong side of history.” They regard history as an autonomous force with its own laws of unfolding development: Progress is wherever history goes. This belief entails disparagement of human agency — or at least that of most people, who do not understand history’s implacable logic and hence do not get on history’s “right side.” Such people are crippled by “false consciousness.” Fortunately, a saving clerisy, a vanguard composed of the understanding few, know where history is going and how to help it get there.”

Will is writing, mainly, about things happening on college campuses, like the attacks on free speech. I quibble with his use of the term “progressive” to describe these people, but not too much. Progressives are more vanguardist than liberals, but the terms have an essential interchangeability to them. The source of this particular river of evil, however, is Marxism. Will avoids that term, probably finding it a potato too hot for his hands. Marxists, after all, love to attack anyone who calls them Marxists, and the same goes for progressives who are sponges for Marxist constructs without any real conscious understanding that they are sponges for Marxist constructs. (Although, some Marxists insist on calling themselves progressives because only college professors and those who belong to fringe political parties are usually willing to identify as Marxists. The real progressive is watery, in the progressive/liberal way, and does not operate on the level of through-the-looking-glass Marxist analysis.)

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