New Paltz: Prospect Street rises!

Big front page story in this week’s Fidelpaltz Buzzkill-Trivializer* about the neighbors on Prospect Street objecting to the Ulster County transportation bull being let loose in their china shop. Good for them.

It doesn’t stop with Prospect Street, however, and the neighbors there, in order to keep this travail short and sweet, should be able to envision how the Trailways bus infrastructure in New Paltz is already sufficient for the long term.

Once again, there are already three active and important bus stops on the Trailways route through New Paltz.

Taking them from the Thruway:

First stop: The Thruway plaza Park & Ride. Lots of parking. Very convenient.

Second stop: Limited now to the occasional bus, the SUNY New Paltz stop on South Manheim (Rt. 32 South). Can easily be used for stops on days when student travel is expected to be heavy.

Third stop (though usually the second stop): The New Paltz bus station itself. Discreet, convenient, sufficient, and requiring no adjustments to the downtown china shop, Prospect Street or beyond.

Then, keeping it as simple as it gets, there is already a fourth stop ready to be used by Trailways pending whatever approvals are required. That is the second Park & Ride on North Chestnut (Rt. 32 North) across from Stewart’s.

It is a good question as to why that second Park & Ride is not already an active stop for Trailways, but we can fly right by the implications of some sort of bad faith on someone’s part if it becomes active in short order.

Trailways infrastructure problem solved.

Leave the bus station alone.

* aka the New Paltz Times

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