New Paltz: The bus station isn’t broken, and does not need to be fixed

I was shocked, I tell you, to see not one, not two, but six letters to the editor in the 5/21/15 edition of the Fidelpaltz Blundergas-Assassin,* saying “hold on a second” about the latest local civic fad, which is to invite the Ulster County transportation bureaucrats to “fix” the bus station.

I urge those letter writers to get together and be ready for a little fighting. Why? Because once an idea gets into the heads of the local civic fad mongers, you can’t get it out with a crowbar. It’s like that, I assume, in any “progressive community,” with the common epistemological catastrophe where government is not only the normative answer to most questions, but government also poses most of the questions in the first place. Once that happens, “thinking” consists of the braniacs simply making referrals to the governing class and its slavering enthusiasts.

The “movers and shakers” will argue among themselves, of course, but always in the context of “what will government do?”

There are already four Trailways compatible bus stops in New Paltz, only three of which, I believe, are being used by that bus company. If Trailways wants to use the fourth, I assume they need some change in policy either at their corporate level or from some transportation authority or both.

Right now, Trailways buses use the Park & Ride in the Thruway plaza when they get on or off the Thruway. It’s either the first or last stop in town. For a limited number of buses coming from the Thruway, the next stop is the SUNY New Paltz campus station on South Manheim (Route 32 South). But the usual next stop is the bus station on Main Street. So that’s three stops in service already. The fourth stop (or the first stop coming in from Kingston) is the other Park & Ride on North Chestnut (Route 32 North) across from Stewart’s. Trailways is not using it now, but they should, and that means more parking right there.

And with that setup fully active, the Trailways infrastructure in New Paltz is good to go for a good long time. There’s going to be an obvious way to make that North Chestnut (32 North) Park & Ride stop work, so put the focus on that.

Leave the bus station alone.

* aka the New Paltz Times

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