“The Media’s Litmus Test”

Old reliable George Neumayr takes on the old and chronic problem of the American media, grown even worse in the Age of Obama:

“The media’s dissection of political arguments is primarily demagogic, turning not upon their intrinsic merits but upon whether or not they conform to “mainstream” expectations as defined by the media. Any position outside what it deems the mainstream is automatically invalid. In this mindless atmosphere, politics grows more and more narrow and dangerous. Objective reality becomes irrelevant to any discussion and politics is reduced to a chase for the latest poll and strategic deception.”

That is a mild way of putting it. I see the media as a huge, screaming propaganda apparatus. It’s more about enforcement than it is about information. It has been said before but let’s say it again: We live in a time when George Orwell’s “1984” is not a warning about the future but an operations manual for the present.

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