New Paltz: Suitable for framing

Ran into Stewart’s earlier to get some cash. I had a plan. Get cash. Then go get pizza. Then go home and eat the pizza. Optional was getting a copy of the Che Paltz Jackwagon-Courier,* our weekly. But when I saw those lovely oval head shots of the four mayoral candidates on the front page, I was helpless. I bought.

The photos are, as the title of this entry says, suitable for framing. In a drawer somewhere I have a frame about the right size for one of them (maybe the winner), with a photo of the late Frank Patricolo in it. That sat on the mantelpiece for a few years — we had picked it up at Frank’s memorial — until I said to Madam Vandam, “We didn’t really know Frank, did we?” “No, we didn’t,” she said. So we retired his photo. It was time.

The interviews with the candidates inside the paper are not up to the standard of the photos. It’s the usual student council stuff. But it’s not like you get anything more than that up the food chain. If anything, these people are less full of shit than presidential candidates. Certainly less full of shit than a Schumer, so I won’t pick on them for what they have offered in good faith. More or less.

That’s about it. I will mention that I was a bit disappointed with my old interlocutor Terence Ward’s article on the proposed fire district. He buried the lead in the fourth paragraph that a fire district is yet another local government with its own taxing authority, run by an elected commission. We have five local governments already: village, town, school district, county, and the college. (SUNY is an imperial city unto itself, with plenty of claims on but no accountability to local citizens.) I’m with those who think that the current arrangement where the village runs the fire department works fine if everyone involved behaves like an adult. Another government with another elected governing body with taxing authority is not what this place needs.

Everyone understands that, right?

* aka the New Paltz Times.

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