The joy of the curse of owning controversial views

If you hold an unconventional or controversial view long enough, you tend to forget that it is controversial. For instance, even though most people don’t give much thought to Communism these days (it’s controversial to even think about it, apparently), saying that someone calling himself a Communist is at least twice as ugly as calling himself a Nazi is a controversial view. Its advantage is that it is true. There are many reasons why it is true (start with Lenin and Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot and you’ve lapped the Nazis several times, but that’s just the low-hanging fruit in that debate). The controversy reaches fullness when you assess Communists as scum. Communists are scum, worse scum even than white supremacist neo-Nazis with swastikas tattooed on their shaved heads.

This applies as well, with full force, when one uses the academic terms for a Communist: Marxist or Marxist-Leninist, two terms that are sufficient for handling nearly anyone who identifies with Communism as an ideology, if you want to avoid using the word Communist. It’s the same thing in all but rare cases and it comes with all of the implications.

Let’s leave it there for now. The moths who are drawn to and flit around the cold Marxist flame, but don’t grasp the sickness of the ideology, will have to wait.

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