Doc Hanson on the daunting challenges of the thought police

Living in Stalinpaltz, I’m confident that the thought police can run a sweep here with little fear of hitting a den of oppositionists. The regime of political correctness is so complete that it can be updated as fast as new regulations can flow into the Twitter account of a recognized authority (Rachel Maddow? Or is her vast power and influence on the wane already? I can’t keep up). But there are burdens out there, and VDH provides a rundown:

“Money complicates thought policing as well. The CEO of Apple is outraged at the thought crimes of Indiana pizza-parlor owners who offer his trillion-dollar company no chance of lucre — but he is not outraged at the concretely homophobic culture of the Middle East or the religious intolerance of China, which are hooked on i-products. Are theoretical sins worse than actual ones?”

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