“Bad Vibe”

Stanley Kurtz captures something more than the usual “disgust with the process” about the way this immigration bill is being rammed down our throats.

This is no fine distinction that he’s making. There’s something unusually and inordinately wrong here:

Supporters of this bill sell it as a compromise that will heal America’s divisions. I fear it’s quite the reverse. This bill is infuriating the public and undermining faith in government itself. You can see it in the polling on confidence in Congress and the President. If this bill passes, it’s going to aggravate and embitter politics for years to come. Passing a measure over such overwhelming opposition is like slapping the public in the face.

I agree with Kurtz, but I’d take it a step further. This is an issue that affects the tectonic plates of American identity and sensibility. It feeds a growing sense that Americans do not in fact count in America as anything other than tax cows to be milked over at the big barn. If that’s the bottom line right now, what happens when the folks who run the big barn decide that it needs to be converted to an abattoir?

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