New Paltz: Public School Penal Colonies and Union Cash Machines Will Get Cosmetic Surgery

Five years ago a swaggering big mouth on the New Paltz school board lectured local homeowners about how they were unqualified to say anything but “Yes” to a proposed $50 million renovation of the Middle School. That resulted in a resounding defeat for the measure that stung the board busybodies like a swarm of yellow jackets. It was impressive.

A similar measure with roughly the same $50 million tag, but covering repairs and upgrades for all four of the school district’s buildings, went down to defeat last October, but by a thin margin of 150 votes or so.

The school district and the civilian busybodies who pretend to govern it were not sufficiently chastened by the narrow loss. It was declared that voters had experienced a seizure of false consciousness and had failed to understand the importance of the measure. They had in fact voted against what was in everyone’s mandatory best interests.

A second vote was scheduled (and postponed once by a snowstorm) so that voters could correct their ill-informed mistake and the school district political machine could be kicked up another gear.

Today that machine turned out roughly an additional 700 votes while those persisting in false consciousness would swell their numbers by only about 125 votes. The win went to the school district and the no voters took the defeat for oppositionism, still guilty of not knowing what was good for them, but corrected by their bien pensant betters.

I feel terrible, because as a wrecker and oppositionist, I remained, until the last hours before the vote, distracted from distraction by distraction. Let me take a moment to express my personal contempt for every single individual among the bien pensant majority. I stand with the false consciousness of private property and the owners already burdened into serfdom by your rotten public school penal colonies.

There is some minor satisfaction that it took you five years to get that money, but now, I’m not so distracted. I had lost my immediate sense for what a grabby mob you are. I’ll have more to say about it and you.

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