New Paltz: Consolidation? Kevin Cahill is right to back away

The Daily Freeman (Kingston, N.Y.) reports that the consolidation confusion is coming to a boil:

NEW PALTZ, N.Y. — Consolidation supporters will need to wait until the new Village Board is in place on Saturday before a request is submitted to the state Legislature asking to allow both town and village boards to vote on consolidation.

Town Supervisor Susan Zimet said during a Town Board meeting last week that state Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, D-Kingston, has decided to wait before endorsing the request.

“Assemblyman Cahill refused to carry it and said he wants the new sitting … Village Board to vote,” she said.

Zimet said state Sen. John Bonacic, R-Mount Hope, was prepared to seek state Senate approval until Cahill decided to wait.

The right thing for Cahill and Bonacic to do is to say “Oops” and walk away from this monstrosity, ASAP. Zimet has no idea what she is doing, nor does Sally Rhoads of the village board. This entire project ran away with itself well over a year ago and is now just caught up in loops of process and the attending intellectual paralysis.

The best solution is to leave the current village-town arrangement alone. It works. The village is 1/17th the size of the town as a whole, yet it has half the population of the entire town. The village has a distinct infrastructure (sewers and water mains) that it manages through its Dept. of Public Works (which is a good and reliable outfit) and is the core settlement with different matters that it must attend to, largely unlike those matters that the town outside the village attends to.

On matters of common interest, the village and town are already consolidated, and have never been un-consolidated. The village is simply an inner municipality that sees to distinct interests.

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