The New Paltz school district loses a budget vote, at last

The people who run the New Paltz school district are a self-interested lot, who never stop pleading “but it’s for the children” in their relentless efforts to maintain and increase their funding with other people’s money.

I try to avoid getting into the personalities involved because it’s not about personalities. It is really about the power of teachers unions (in league with all public employee unions), locally and in Albany, and even nationally. It is about a historical trend among Progressives to take control of citizens’ lives by first targeting them as children, beyond the immediate reach of their parents, and conditioning them to accept elites exercising power over them through government. It’s about a worn-out, moribund concept of public education, that if it isn’t already dead sure is startin’ to smell funny. And only lastly is it about the unwitting and useful slobs and factotums and placeholders who run the thing on-site at the public school penal colonies.

But all of this morass of expensive compulsory institutionalization has now been swept away conceptually by the internet, and by the vast resources for learning online from the best teachers available, without the current abject institutional confinement and the resulting formation among students of immature peer group cultures (and the now multiple-generation conspiracy against adult reality) that public school advocates attempt to call “socialization.”

This dysfunctional horror show is now six or seven generations deep in America. Parents who think fondly (often aided by the darkest rose-colored glasses) of their time going through it want to believe that they are giving their children something “even better” than what they had, usually unaware that public schools have continued to march on toward odder and odder goals, including the “diversity” fetish, which boils down to “we are replacing your values with ours.”

So it was with great wailing and gnashing of teeth, when the New Paltz school budget failed to pass on Tuesday with the required 60% vote (because the school district had proposed a budget that exceeded the property tax cap set in Albany), that the usual suspects, those who think that all good things come from government, and that there is never, ever enough of such good things, were very very very upset. Whining slob Lefties and blackguards that they are, any setback for the agenda is a deep offense against their moral vanity, which is immense and based in vapors so thin that they barely function intellectually, such that they are consumed in the offense they take that anyone would, or possibly could, disagree with them.

Despite my effort to resist taking the matter down to the personalities at the local level, every once in a while an individual will catch the light of the moment in just the wrong way and I’ll go there very quickly indeed, and I’m almost there with at least one of these people, someone I’m calling for now the “lovable fuzzball commie.”

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