This sounds familiar

More from Jamie Glazov’s interview with David Horowitz:

Glazov: What is teaching supposed to be, and what do academic radicals think it is?

Horowitz: In a democracy, teachers are expected to teach students how to think, not tell them what it is politically correct to think. Academic radicals consider it their revolutionary duty to use their authority in the classroom to recruit students to their causes and make them politically correct.

Glazov: Academic radicals engage in the “political purge.” You refer to it as a “purification ritual.” Can you expand on this a bit and tell us what you think the roots are of this ritual?

Horowitz: What you are referring to is the gotcha syndrome (to use the vernacular). Progressives are the original, true and most successful witch-hunters. Find a perfectly reasonable opponent of any jot or title of the progressive party line and they will attack him as a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a neo-conservative, a Republican! The roots of this ritual lie in the religious nature of radicalism itself. Radicals believe they can redeem the world and put an end to poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, war and the fast food industry. What stands in their way? Conservatives with bad attitudes. Therefore, purging conservatives by defaming them and ruining their good names is to them a necessary step along the heavenly highway. When they have the power, of course, throwing dissidents into the gulag or burning them at the stake is even better.

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