The emerging political religion and “the children”

It was clear to me as it happened that the ’08 election was a trip back to the 1930s, and not just to the American 1930s, but to the European 1930s. The Democratic Party underwent the transformation from a corrupt American political party to a political religion, the single most dangerous thing that happened in Europe in the 20s and 30s (via Lenin and Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler). The Democrats fell captive in ’08 to a messianic figure who came out of a radically politicized black church whose teachings were a combination of Marxism and black supremacy (blacks, not Jews, are the Chosen People according to “black liberation theology”). Yet the messianic figure would be positioned as a “racial healer.” This was hidden in plain sight but it was right there for anyone who bothered, as I did, to go to a library and find out about it. The media refused to report it. And it followed, of course, that anyone who criticized the messianic racial healer was instantly accused of racism by his proxies. With the charismatic skills of those European leaders from the 30s, this orthodox Marxist, wearing the deliberate disguise of a “community organizer,” embarked on a program of “transformation” for the American economy and society. It was all wrapped up in riddles and lies, and now that it has predictably failed on the economic side, the culture will be assaulted. That’s why as a preliminary move to the Chief Executive leading an assault on marriage, the symbolic leader of America’s public schools announced that he supported the assault on marriage. I did not see one single person in the media raise that point, that the federal leader of the schools had thusly gone to work on “the children.”

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