Barack is no FDR?

Well, I’d say he’s worse.

Conrad Black sees FDR as a great hero, to whom he compares our President Nosferatu unfavorably.

My comment from that thread:

It’s only because I admire Mr. Black that I hesitate to point out that Pharaoh Roosevelt had scrambled eggs for brains, had no experience at all with anything much at all, was resentful and envious of those who could create wealth (his intense animus directed at Andrew Mellon, for instance), was deceitful and arrogant beyond comprehension (his arbitrary manipulation of the price of gold), had totalitarian instincts whence the line can be drawn directly to our President Nosferatu, currently sitting, and believed in the state, not the people, but began in earnest the conflation of the two. He had no idea what he was doing, but he loved jamming it to people who did. As for Social Security, it was the great scheme by which Americans of a certain age would be assured that they could live in retirement in the manner they had grown accustomed to during that very Great Depression.

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