Morning note

Interesting. Barack is speaking to a “women’s forum” at the White House, rolling out the usual sophistries, but he’s wearing his Bill Clinton mask, complete with the biting the lower lip thing and the pregnant pauses. This is one of the best-trained demagogs ever. I’ve always been curious about whether he was trained by others or is largely self-trained. I recognize his mimetic skills (his “let’s pretend I’m…” skills) as second to none; he has the capacity to project maximum certainty. But his first audience here is not women in general, but women of the nomenklatura, from both the true believers section and from the section that knows it’s about power and getting a bigger piece of the action. Then it runs along the horizontal identity politics gender line of class struggle. Then on the “free stuff, get yours” dependency mode. All of it more of the “welcome the government up your ass” soft/hard sell. The reality being that it’s the power faction of the permanent government that gains most, for all the pushing and shoving and stealing implied by this slick, and sick, routine.

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