“Why Manipulate the Tragedy of Trayvon Martin?”

Heather Mac Donald weighs in today on the Martin shooting. My hunch is that her first paragraph, where she gives the obligatory nod to the tragic elements of the case and writes, “police department’s failure to charge Martin’s killer with homicide appears to be a miscarriage of justice,” will be overtaken by evidence. This has been a Sharpton-media joint production, so the current pictures and their frames will probably prove worthless and as things grind on the still unknown elements of this case will turn out not to have been suppressed by the police to protect Zimmerman, but rather to avoid the airing of politically incorrect facts. (And at the right time Sharpton will have moved on to start the next fire.) That’s just a hunch, but it’s based on what my best instincts tell me are deliberate mischaracterizations by the media of Zimmerman and what he was doing.

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