The great advance of the elite political class

Bracket the immediate political implications, because those will be fungible going forward. The great advance of the elite political class is showing in this Florida shooting case (the Trayvon Martin case). They now have such a full and confident grip on mass psychology that it has gone to the point where they do not fear public backlash. If there is any backlash, it is as easily swept away as this case has been inflamed. These things can now be worked up overnight, as the canned indignations echo down the media lane. And everyone with a chip in the game can plug into it at any one of several levels. But it’s all a lie. The facts and the truth are subordinated to the narrative and they could change radically while the narrative moves on like a locomotive. This is how the mass pscychology of a political mass movement works now. It is mobocracy in action. Inflamed emotions riding decades of steadily inculcated grievance culture.

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