A fastball down the middle of Obama’s home plate

Pat Buchanan challenges Barack to show he’s serious. Go ahead, he says, if you want to do something about income inequality start by redistributing income in D.C. It’s the perfect place and the perfect test case:

In Washington, the top 5 percent of households have an average income of $473,000, highest of all of the 50 largest cities in America. The average income of the top 20 percent of district households is $259,000. Only San Francisco ranks higher.

Moreover, that $259,000 average household income for the top 20 percent is 29 times the average household income of the bottom 20 percent, which is only $9,100 a year.

The citadel of liberalism that Obama carried 93-7 has a disparity of incomes between rich and poor that calls to mind the Paris of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

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