The dog that isn’t barking

There’s never a greater indication of who is calling the shots or operating the lead deception than the dog that isn’t barking. The sound you are not hearing. In the conservative world right now the dog that isn’t barking is the question of Mormonism. The conservatives are in effect saying that religion is off limits, cannot be discussed, even as they defend the theological prerogatives of the Catholic Church against being forced to make offerings to the liberal god of sexual license.

My interpretation of this is, first, that Romney “backers” (that’s a euphemism for his coreligionists) are completing a leveraged buyout of the conservative movement, the conservative media (such as it is), and the Republican Party. Second, we are expected to pretend that this elephant is not in the room and that it’s not something out of the back alley of American weirdness.

Two examples of “captive” conservatives at the moment are, very inexplicably, one Ann Coulter, who appears to be writing columns dictated to her by her captors, and less inexplicably Mona Charen, who has fallen like a maiden who has just found her true love, at the feet of the Fresh Prince of LDS. I take as a solid stone marker in this that Bain Capital (you remember that outfit, right?) completed its purchase of Clear Channel in 2008. Clear Channel owns the radio network that carries most of the big conservative talk programs, such as Limbaugh and Hannity (neither of whom will touch “the subject”).

I’m not going to live by those rules. And I don’t want to live in that America, where I’ll be attacked as a “religious bigot” if I talk about this multi-generational cult, founded by a lunatic charlatan, and describe its non-Christian and non-Judeo-Christian made-up from whole cloth “theology.” After taking on the “black liberation theology” of Obama’s sick racist church with the vigor that I did, I’m not going to be a hypocrite about this. It’s not in me to play the fool for anyone.

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