New Paltz: The Don Kerr Case

Writing as Martin McPhillips, I’ve made a series of comments at the local blog New Paltz Gadfly about the arrest of (now former; he has resigned) New Paltz school board president Don Kerr.

I am not among Kerr’s fans, but there are troubling questions about his arrest (given what the police have told the public to date) that I detail in the first comment here. I made more comments further down, and the comments by Ed Burke are also worth reading. Much of that further discussion revolves around drugs in the schools.

I made the final comment on a post about New Paltz and marijuana.

And I made some earlier comments about the Kerr case on this post.

My point in the comments specifically about Kerr is that the police have yet to describe the probable cause for his arrest, and that so far the nut of the matter is that he could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. If it turns out that there’s more than that behind the arrest, then I’ll take it from there. But Kerr has already been effectively hung on the scaffold of public opinion without the police having given a sufficient reason for him to be arrested and charged. That puts the New Paltz police, not to mention Kerr, in a rather awkward position.

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