New Paltz: The Village election on May 3rd [UPDATED 5/1]

The correct response is: “I welcome the support of all local residents, whether I share their political views or not. The Village government does not decide state and national issues, about which there are many views.”

If you don’t know that answer, then you’re not sophisticated enough to lead a village government.

Needless to say, this person surprised me with her lack of principles and, worse, willingness to accomodate five seconds of meaningless pressure. If that’s all it takes, then there is insufficient substance to stand up to anything. It was vulgar and disappointing and contradictory of the very idea of good judgment.

There are no suitable candidates for Mayor of New Paltz.

For Mayor: Jean Gallucci.

The first thing I ever heard about Jean Gallucci was from when she was the Village Clerk, back in 2004. It was said to me by someone whose family had a history in village politics and was then peripherally active himself. I had asked how I could find something out about a question then before the village board. His answer was: “Go talk to Jean. She knows everything.”


When she was elected to the board four years ago, I noted that she had a quality that I often lack: patience. She needed it. She still has it. She is smart. Generous of spirit. A lovely person by all appearances and all accounts. And none of the other candidates can match her.

If you care about the successful management of the government of the Village of New Paltz, vote for Jean Gallucci for mayor.

For the Four-Year Trustee Seats: David Ruger and Rick Bunt.

Both of these guys are businessmen. So they’ve run something other than their mouths.

Nearly everyone says wonderful things about Ruger. He’s the owner of Smitty’s body shop. He grew up in New Paltz. He’s not likely running for the board so that he can suddenly throw his reputation overboard or make a fool of himself. He will work well with Gallucci.

Bunt I’ve seen just a couple of times, and he’s a natural. Smart, articulate, a doer. He’ll bring some good energy and maturity to the board. And he’s another person who will be a good fit with Gallucci.

For the The Two-Year Trustee Seat: Shari Osborn.

Osborn is honest and ethical and has been a hard-working trustee during her current four-year term. Her sole opponent for the two-year seat is likewise a serious person, but he is running as part of a party that is determined to do away with the village, which would be a historic mistake. And there’s a question of good faith when someone is running for a job that he doesn’t think should exist. Shari Osborn should be elected to the two-year seat.

Now, there are other candidates for mayor and the four-year trustee seats. Two or three of them could be singled out for a classic Vandam horsewhipping, but Vandam isn’t in the mood. Though that could change before the election, which is Tuesday, May 3, from 12:00 noon to 9:00 p.m. at the New Paltz Firehouse on Plattekill Avenue.

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