Shaped perceptions

Why does anyone take Obama seriously anymore?

Because the mainstream media treats him like a public relations client? Six months after he took office the “If Bush Did This” catalog was already full. If perception is power, then having a sales force disguised as reporters, anchors, editors, and producers shaping perceptions for you is an Izvestia and Pravda combo that can’t be beat.

Remember how hard the White House itself went after the big holdout, Fox News? Or how quickly the White House proxies were out accusing Obama critics of racism? This thing with the media is an even bigger question to me than Obama himself. They were not just uninterested in things in his background that were being concealed, like his academic records, they didn’t even want to know about the stuff that was right out in the open, like that sick church.

Stanley Kurtz went back, researching his book Radical-in-Chief, and dug up just the stuff in shallow graves, and the mainstream media ignored all of it.

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