Republicans get a used car in the budget deal

Both sides exhausted their strategies in this preliminary budget battle. The mainstream media was out in full force, however, supporting the usual infantile Democratic sob story, which always works to some degree (there’s nothing that can ever be done in the moment with the legacy of the public schools).

The Republicans did fall face down on the social issue front. You don’t challenge funding to Planned Parenthood and then let the other side shape that debate.

Saying that Planned Parenthood is about “women’s health” is like saying that Joseph Mengele was a pediatrician.

You can’t let them get away with that if you have raised the issue. At least put Rep. Chris Smith out front and let him have at it.

The deal itself is a microcosm of the potential failure to come, like plucking the whisker of terror without looking it in the eye.

The Republicans need better, sharper rhetoric and a plan (and they do have Ryan’s plan). They are at a disadvantage in that they care about America and its future; the Democrats have no interest in America per se, just an interest in the power to be derived from her.

Later: Glenn Reynolds passed along this gorgeous point from one of his readers:

It seems to me that whenever there is a threat of a government shutdown, it’s portrayed as just this side of a tsunami-level disaster. When government workers – teachers, sanitation workers, etc – go on strike, it’s portrayed as the middle-class worker sticking up for himself. Why is it that a government shut-down caused by a desire to spend less money is different than a government shutdown caused by workers failing to do their jobs – isn’t the effect the same?

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