Methods and meanings

[A comment made tonight at Belmont Club.]

Methods and meanings:

Obama listens to what his supporters and enemies want, then he throws out predicates for them and waits for them to organize themselves around those predicates. He is not in the process; he is outside of it.

For instance, with conservatives, he organized them by throwing out the “get Qaddafi” predicate in early March; McCain and others organized themselves around it and that gave Obama cover when he launched a military assault on Libya calling it a “humanitarian mission,” the predicate that organized his supporters.

But he was not interested in Libya, military success, or humanitarian missions. He was interested in getting a stick into the cynically named “Arab Spring” to increase the contradictions. He is not trying to win anything or save anyone. Thinking that he is interested in either is typical of the mistake those of us who think in terms of “bourgeois principles” have been making.

Obama is not just a Leftist, like Samantha Power. Obama is an orthodox Marxist. He is on the other side of the looking glass, thinking his thoughts in Marxist terms, reaching back through the looking glass and playing our “false consciousness” like a fiddle.

He imagines a world reduced to the bedrock of class struggle, where the cloud of bourgeois ideology lifts, and history is unstuck and moving again according to the laws of scientific socialism.

He could care less how anyone judges him on the “false consciousness” side of the looking glass.

Barack Obama is perhaps the best trained and most dedicated Marxist since Lenin. And he is in power.

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