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The geniuses who run the Freeman, the daily newspaper based in Kingston, N.Y., just up the road from New Paltz, ran an editorial today that out of the blue starts up about the Nixon presidential library. Whose mind that was on must remain a mystery, because the Freeman never tells.

Anyway, I took a few minutes to comment on the practice of liberal journalists still, after all these years, succumbing to their hardwired urge to bash Nixon. My comment must have struck a nerve up there, because it wasn’t approved. So here it is (I saved it), with some minor edits:

When old liberals get nervous about themselves and what they have wrought through the years, they often take comfort, in denial, by dining out one more time on the political corpse of Richard Nixon. Those really were the glory days, after all, chasing down a hated scapegoat (saddling him with responsibility for a war that their heroes Kennedy and Johnson had started; being “shocked, shocked” by shenanigans that their political machines engaged in as common practice), destroying his presidency, and then setting off a march through the institutions by their brothers and sisters on the radical Left.

Poor Nixon, who cooled Cold War tensions through detente with the Soviets, yet managed to divide the Communist world via rapproachment with China, who did finally end the war in Vietnam, whose greatest domestic achievement (never ever to be spoken of) was to finally get Southern schools desegregated, must only be remembered for his paranoid folly in the Watergate scandal.

Nixon bashing comforts liberals, who have Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and now Barack Obama to explain.

Much easier to have one more snicker about Bebe Rebozo and a traditional liberal hosrselaugh about Nixon’s “self-serving” defenders.

Why, it’s as traditional as cultivating minorities with promises that could never be kept, while hooking them on government “programs” like addicts, or using legislatures to pay off the branch of the Party called public employee unions.

Yes, lets drag out the ‘Orrible Nixon, as necessary, and get all huffy about the late breaking news from his presidential library.

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