This was an interesting accident

Someone made this comment over at McQ’s place: “He’s just a lying demagogue and he doesn’t care who knows it.”

I thought that he was talking about Obama (he was actually talking about another lying demagogue), and I went on to explain Obama in terms of why “he doesn’t care who knows it.” Try to follow this because it’s key:

You’re half-right that he doesn’t care who knows it. The other half is that knowing he is a lying demagogue is your problem, in the sense that you are judging him with “bourgeois principles,” while he’s playing your “false consciousness.”

That perhaps doesn’t quite make sense to you, because you do not think your thoughts in orthodox Marxist terms.

Obama’s purpose is to “increase the contradictions,” the goal of which is to make things worse. As things get worse, the cloud of “bourgeois ideology” will fade and the historical class struggle will re-emerge and history itself will be moving again according to the laws of socialism.

I’m as guilty as anyone for referring to this or that Leftist, rather casually, as a Marxist. Well, now you’re seeing what a real Marxist is like, his stealth aside. The vital secret as to why such unreal ideas have been able to gain power so often over the past century is not, as is often claimed, that they lead to popular uprisings; these ideas are a path to power because the leaders of Marxist revolution totally discount the bourgeois view of the world. They use it and manipulate it, but its principles and any critique of the revolution based on those principles, are irrelevant and discounted by definition.

If you’ve ever run into even the most penny-ante but serious Marxist ideologues, you’ll note that they own the world in a separate reality than your own and always with great arrogance and assurance. They are not on this side of the looking glass, but they know how to reach back through it in order to play your bourgeois “false consciousness” like a fiddle.

This also explains why in the grand scheme of things, despite the inevitable catastrophe Marxism in power always causes, that the true Marxist remains undaunted: his total detachment from bourgeois principles and ideology is a source of great command and intellectual power, because you, you see, live in a false world, while he lives in the hard scientific world where the laws of socialism apply like clockwork. That is power, and it’s not for nothing that it has led to the greatest death machines in human history.

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