Rationalization as rationale in Libya

This editorial turns on the notion that now that we’ve disturbed Qaddafi we must see things through until his ouster (and perhaps beyond!), lest he come at us in revenge. (If that’s not good enough, the editorial seems to say, he was once a serious terrorist who killed Americans, though he reformed in fear of George Bush.)

Our own nascent CINC’s theory of international Bosom State goodness is specious, but let us recognize the hard infrastructure of realpolitik that he has stumbled America into while at his military playstation.

Well, the bottom line here is that you can hang Qaddafi thirty times and let his body rot in the Tripolitan breezes, but it will not fix what has been started here.

For every laudation of the latest from Arab Spring there will be ten unintended consequences, for Libyans (in case you thought that this humanitarian mission was about Americans), that Qaddafi and his regime kept under its hat.

He’s a loathsome nut, but in the arena of the Middle East, now, worse is likely to follow him. So let’s not play that realpolitik card so easily.

Those who cheered this on before the attacks can’t get themselves off the hook for it by claiming it must be seen through because the U.S. has disturbed Qaddafi’s hornets nest.

There is still a solution short of continuing support for the “rebels.” It would consist of a protected zone for those civilians who want to flee the regime while allowing the “rebels” to continue their insurgency, at their own risk and peril.

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