Jonah Goldberg on Obama’s biggest flip

Goldberg neglected to mention that Obama’s entire campaign for the presidency was a “help is on the way” shout out to the car bombers in Iraq.

Obama could care less about Libyans, Iraqis, or Congolese. That goes for Hillary too.

Look for the effects of this incursion in Libya as they fall out, near and long term.

He was also still talking “Arab Spring” last night, as if the facebook/twitter revolution of the wonderful youth hadn’t already fallen into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. I guess that neither he nor Bill Kristol read the Times, which would ordinarily be a check in the plus column. But every once in a while it does report something off-agenda.

Now we’re providing air cover for the bold “rebels” in Libya, who remain unidentified, except that we already know who they are and who among them is likely to prevail in the next regime.

But, anyway, let’s make sure that we “get Qaddafi!”

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