Obama becomes Bush?

“Two years later, what is striking is how much Obama’s policies have come to reflect Bush’s…”

His own ideas were too immediately inconvenient, politically, but you have to see the difference between moving forward from Bush’s policies (problematic as they could be), prudentially amending them and updating them, which is not happening, and moving back toward Bush, principally as a head fake, and fighting the last war. Obama is never more than superficially interested in ideas that fall outside his ideology. But he will embrace anything along the way. This Libya action was not called for by Bush’s approach, in my opinion, and the need for it would probably not even have arisen under Bush doctrine, which was not the constant signal of weakness this president transmits, with purpose. Certainly we can start with the realization that Islamists now have control of the Egyptian revolution, which constitutes no freedom agenda, and that they are equally likely to have control of the Libya revolution after, if not before, it succeeds, if it should succeed.

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