Why I did not watch the State of the Union

Well, for one thing, it was going to be nothing more than vapors. Our sorry narcissistic preening clod of a president was going to enjoy the sound of his own voice and hope that viewers would warm up to him and think well of him.

I have the bottom line on Barack Obama and I don’t need to see another second of his act. He was a wrong guy from the start. This was never going to be anything greater than a bad faith presidency because of the multiple deceptions that went into the making of it.

Now he’s in a celebrity makeover phase, but the rest of his term will be devoted to preserving the disasterous ObamaCare monstrosity. Why? Because that is the key to the further infantilization and control of the American public. That’s the program, and that’s what he will work. He needs to get reelected to make it permanent, and he’s going to unleash the usual dogs to disparage the effort to repeal something that should never have been passed in the first place.

Two days later: Charles Krauthammer sums it up.

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