Dennis Corkery, 1952-2011

I am thankful to Facebook for this. In one of those forays of looking for old friends, I got in touch with Dennis Corkery, with whom I had become fast friends in college days.

We spoke on the phone last March and it was as if but five minutes had passed instead of 25 years. He came up to visit twice. We drank and talked. He was the same basic decent guy he was the first time I met him. He was the sort of person who had a natural gift for making things work, and he had used that skill, and the gift of great natural intelligence, to become remarkably successful. But nothing about him changed. He was just a natural at everything he did, as a musician, as a businessman, and as a friend. He died earlier today. Everyone who knew and loved him expected it, but it is still like having a wall fall over on you.

Rest in peace, Dennis. There will not be another like you. No one to take your place.

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