Who gets the crack pipe?

That’s the question I have on hearing news that Keith Olbermann has signed off on MSNBC. I’ve had some things to say here about this repulsive human being, but I think that I best summed it up right after the funeral of Tim Russert in June, 2008:

Even before Russert was in his grave Olbermann had dragged Russert’s metaphysical corpse back to his madhouse and had arranged it there on-air for his own advantage. I’m sure the attendants around the place saw it. I’m not sure that they cared. Caring about it seems out of their reach.

By tonight, after Russert’s funeral this afternoon, Olbermann had taken full possession of Russert’s legacy and spirit and was busy devouring them, like Renfield stealing a spider into his mouth under a staircase.

I’ve never seen a situation spiraling downward as fast as NBC News, and because it’s not a physical thing, but rather metaphysical, it could easily accelerate beyond the speed of light. The question isn’t so much whether or when it will find a bottom, but rather if in this metaphysical collapse of ethics and standards there is a bottom.

With Olbermann in the lead the only logical place this can land is in outright on-the-air cannibalism. Maybe the best that can be hoped for is auto-cannibalism. A 28 Days sequel, with a twist.

What you see with Olbermann is another example of why reality is so often less believable than fiction.

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