A Christmas Book List

Amazon.com is just great in this respect: You go there, find a book, and have it sent anywhere you like. I don’t have a really large brick and mortar bookstore conveniently close by, but there’s always more at Amazon anyway. Here’s my list of Christmas books that ought to be under every tree on Christmas morning:

1. At the top of the list, of course, has to be Corpse in Armor, the counterterrorism thriller that will light you up like a Christmas tree. It’s by me, as myself, Martin McPhillips. Get it, read it, and you’ll never see pretty young blonde women, or a subway ride, quite the same way again.

2. Chosen One by Francis W. Porretto. Hit that Amazon link and you’ll see my review (as Martin McPhillips). I couldn’t put it down when I read it.

3. On Broken Wings by Francis W. Porretto. Same deal, couldn’t put it down. And, again, see my review at the link.

4. The American Golfer by Anthony Robinson. This is the latest novel by my one-time writing teacher and now neighbor down the block. I loved it. A great story. See my review at the link.

5. No Way In by Richard Fernandez. This is just out and I ordered it immediately. It’s on its way. Fernandez (aka Wretchard) writes The Belmont Club blog, a permanent fixture on my blogroll. He’s a veteran of the anti-Marcos underground in the Philippines and has a unique vision. Good guy. Good writer.

What do all these novels have in common? They are all self-published through the remarkable Amazon subsidiary CreateSpace, which allowed each of the authors to get their work to market without being put through the traditional publishing reductio ad humiliatum. I’m a fan of each author, myself included, and I think these books ought to be flying down chimneys this Christmas faster than the teeming swallows in Hitchcock’s avian classic The Birds.

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