Revolting times

It’s going to be hard keeping up with things over the next month or so. The heat is on during this cold snap, and Madam Vandam and I are the toughs who get going when the going gets that way. Our annual Christmas feast will not be held this year, which will free up some valuable time and energy. We’re looking at things through a clear lens, and the most positive view we come up with is that it will be nice to be back in the Big City when the year turns. That’s how it looks from here, right now.

I don’t think that any of the regular readers of NPJ (and thanks to all of you who kept stopping by, even when the offerings grew lean) are unaware of what is happening to this country and why. I wasn’t the first person to predict the catastrophe that would follow the election of 2008, but I certainly made an effort to put it in the most unvarnished terms I could.

Love and best wishes to you all. This is not over and out, but the days of NPJ look to be few. When I sign off here, I’ll have no regrets. It’s been a nice run.

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