Many thanks…

…this Thanksgiving.

As a writer, I’m thankful for readers. I’m especially thankful this year for being able to get Corpse in Armor out and for the people who have read it. And I’m very especially thankful for the readers and reviewers who took it under their wings and got word around about it.

Among them, Mike and Kathy Soja, John Venlet, Billy Beck, my fantastic sister Diane, Francis Porretto, Linda Morgan, Alvie D. Zane, “Concerned American,” Ricketyclick, Newbius, Randell Beck, Bruce McQuain, and most of all my old friend Dennis Corkery, who got a real kick out the book and bought copies for the old crew.

For the brilliant and beautiful Madam Vandam, the universe is still trying to expand to contain the thanks and love I have for her. Without her there would have been no novel at all, much less getting it produced and out.

Finally, I thank God, who has seen us through thick and thin and always looked out for us. I ask for small things and He gives me great things that sometimes take me very long to recognize.

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