It’s been my policy to avoid large gatherings of them, but writers aren’t so bad one at a time.

Last weekend one of the few writers whose books I have read (two of them) this past year stopped by with his wife Beth to take Madam Vandam and me out for lunch. Francis Porretto is the author of a whole array of books, two of which I’ve reviewed here. Chosen One and On Broken Wings and the others are now available on Amazon. I urge you all to take a look at my reviews of those first two and then decide to buy them.

Brilliant is an overused term, but Fran is a brilliant guy, with the precision mind of an engineer and the methods of a scholar. He can also write like a pro, which isn’t always the case with the precise and scholarly. Inexplicably, he’s also an affable and courteous person. Also not always the case with the precise, scholarly, and brilliant.

That he’s a big fan of ‘Corpse in Armor,’ my counterterrorism thriller, commends him all the more. Madam and I had a good time with Francis and Beth, and they love dogs, and Beth loves the B-52, my favorite strategic bomber. In fact, we were probably the only party in the restaurant who were discussing, among other things, strategic bombing and counterterrorism in the same context. I offered my now vintage theory that after 9/11 George Bush not only mounted vigorous conventional efforts to get after al Qaeda and associates but that he made very sincere strategic threats against known and suspected state sponsors of terrorism. It was an interesting conversation.

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