In the wake of finishing the essential ‘Radical-in-Chief’ by Stanley Kurtz, I began what at first take seems a very brief book, at just 180 pages. It is Steven Malanga’s Shakedown: The Continuing Conspiracy Against the American Taxpayer.

Shakedown is only brief in appearance. I’ve been reading it just a few pages at a time for most of the past week, and I’ve only gotten to page 55. Why is that? It’s because a hand grenade explodes on every page of it. The title is most apt: there is indeed a shakedown going on, right there in front of us all, and it is continuing and it is a conspiracy. It is tragedy in its essence, driven by political power and extortionate greed. This time, though, it isn’t our friends from the federal government. This time it is state and local public employee unions. And this is the book you need in order to have that outlined for you.

When I’m done with it I’ll give a full review. It’s taking me so long to finish because the dimensions of what has crept into our lives largely without notice is a lot to digest.

This is also a book that every one of my local New Paltz readers should have, right now, if you want to understand what is happening right here at home base.

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