Beyond a reasonable doubt

(A review of Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism by Stanley Kurtz.)

Stanley Kurtz makes the case that Barack Obama is and always has been a deep dish radical socialist, which is to say, a socialist by ideology and intent, not merely by political osmosis, and that he has thrown up clouds of deception to keep this fact from being known.

By combing through various archives and showing that Obama springs from an essentially hidden socialist network that he has been a part of from his days at Columbia University onward, and right into his presidency, Kurtz proves his case beyond a reasonable doubt.

The “community organizing” theory that drives Obama is, intentionally and by design, a stealthy and deceptive program for implementing socialism from below. Community organizers are practiced at avoiding the use of overt socialist and Marxist concepts, though in their private discussions they revert to those terms. Obama’s working relationship with the radical Marxist and one-time bomber of the Pentagon, Bill Ayers, was even deeper and more ideological than what Obama critics thought, and Obama clearly concealed it and lied about it.

Obama’s intimate connection with the far left community organizing empire known as ACORN, and the ideological and funding network it belongs to, not only places Obama at the roots of the subprime mortgage crisis that crashed the U.S. economy, it shows him as a central figure in the long-term plan to cause such crises and then take advantage of them to advance more socialism.

These are explosive claims, but Kurtz makes them stick and does so by steadily drawing the reality of Obama’s background out of the mist that has obscured it. To say that Kurtz has done the job that American journalists refused to do is an understatement. This is a combination of detective work, investigative reporting, and scholarship that maps the reality that Obama has gone to great pains to deny and conceal.

This is not fast reading, because Kurtz so carefully constructs the book’s inferential staircase, but the writing is nonetheless very clear, precise, and straightforward. I took my time with Radical-in-Chief and frequently paused to think about the implications of having a dedicated socialist and Marxist, who is trying to hide that fact, as President of the United States.

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