This election will make Obama more, not less, dangerous

He has already used the majorities in Congress to inflict a generation’s worth of damage on American society.

But with those majorities taken away in the House and perhaps just weakened in the Senate, what will come forward next is Obama’s narcissistic rage.

If his complicity with Pelosi and Reid in the abuse of the legislative process impressed you, wait until you see what he does when all he has at his disposal is executive power. And don’t think he hasn’t been getting ready for this and hasn’t already got the machinery in place to show you just what kind of abuse of executive power a radical Marxist can conjure up.

Don’t expect Democratic survivors in the Congress to be of any help in putting the brakes on him because they’ll be under threat and will be the first ones punished if they do. Courage among the political class will be as scarce as always. Recall that it was the Tea Party movement that dragged Republicans into what opposition they have mounted against the totalitarian siege of Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Republicans are most comfortable in their roll as janitorial socialists, and cannot even be trusted to handle that job.

This election is about stanching the arterial bleeding of a patient in critical condition before the artery was opened.

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