A timeline for the obvious and an antidote for the lies

Stanley Kurtz, writing at NRO in advance of the publication of his new book Radical-in-Chief:

The 1983 Cooper Union Conference, billed as a tribute to Marx, was precisely when Obama discovered his vocation for community organizing. Obama’s account of his turn to community organizing doesn’t add up. He portrays it as a mere impulse based on little actual knowledge. But that impulse saw Obama through two years of failed job searches. Clearly he had a deeper motivation. The evidence suggests he found it at the Socialist Scholars conferences, where he encountered the entrancing double idea that America could be transformed by a kind of undercover socialism, and that African Americans would be the key figures in advancing community organizing.

And it’s no “youthful dalliance.” It becomes the substance of who Obama is and is reinforced continuously through his political career, his campaign for President, and his administration. It is both hidden in plain sight and hidden from view.

Bravo to Kurtz, a dedicated scholarly writer who was assailed by the Obama activists when he first approached this material back during the 2008 campaign. It was something that the mainstream media was loathe to go near, cowards cum liberal activists that they in fact are.

I see in this article the outlines of the book and how it gives a clear view of Obama’s lineage as a hard movement socialist, and how he was taught to lie about it at every turn. But I don’t think that even this will expose how far gone Obama is. I’ll have to read it to make that assessment. The implications of this sort of background take turns into beliefs and, far more serious, behaviors that have many revolting consequences when joined with power. Kurtz is a modest man who never overstates his case, which could turn out to be the flaw of this book, in that he understates his findings. We’ll see.

Everyone should have a copy, however.

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