Tony Blair is trying to sell books…

…by praising Geroge W. Bush for both his courage and his intelligence.

Blair must really believe it because he surely knows that there’s a cult of Bush hatred in the American media that won’t tolerate any such embarrassing sentiments. Even if they hear Blair say it, without covering their ears, it’s not likely that they will repeat it, at least not without the full liberal horselaugh.

Bush was/is, of course, extremely bright, a fact easily concealed by his transient problems with articulation. Not an intellectual, nor brilliant, but extremely bright.

I’ve been busy reassessing his presidency and I’ve downgraded it from near-great (like Truman’s) to just so-so, like his father’s. I don’t think it will go lower than that, and perhaps, if and when this Obama catastrophe is ended, the angle on George Bush will improve. Right now, however, some of Bush’s bullshit (like that “religion of peace” tarp he threw over Islam to overcompensate for his vigor in fighting Islamic terrorists) blends too easily into Obama’s anti-American version of nicing up to Islam.

Bush was smart, was courageous, but he bent too easily to the soft stupidity of progressive expectations, to recraft one of his favorite expressions.

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