The new logistics

The internet is a training facility where successful students learn how to outpace the general bullshit that’s afoot in the world. A term that sums up what can be gained from the internet is ‘conceptual clarity,’ the individual ability to actually see what is in front of you and know shit from Shinola and ass from elbow. That’s the ability to intuitively grasp things as mental objects and make correct judgements about them. Meaning is not “made up” via fanciful narratives: it emerges objectively from the things themselves.

The people who believed that the internet could be used to successfully induce another round of mass psychosis in the world will now be heard complaining most strenuously about it or conversely pretending to be masters of it.

Follow things down to their foundations in the world and take their objective meaning seriously. The internet brings the data. You bring the common sense.

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