You were right the first time, Glenn

This morning Glenn Beck was interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. The topic was yesterday’s “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C., which Beck sponsored.

At one point in the interview Wallace played a clip from last year showing Beck calling Barack Obama a racist, and then Wallace asked Beck why he did that and why he apologized. Beck said that he had misunderstood Obama and had called him a racist when what was really catching his attention was Obama’s “theology.” Huh? Then Beck mangled several thoughts, the gist of them being that Obama’s real problem was his “liberation theology.”

Well, no, the actual issue is the church that Obama attended, and the teaching of that church is not based on simple “liberation theology,” a Marxist interpretation of Christianity that grew to prominence in Latin American. Obama’s now former church features an American derivative of “liberation theology” that constitutes a merger of said “liberation theology” and the black power movement. That combination is called “black liberation theology” or just “black theology.” And it is nothing if not racist.

In fact, “black theology” is not just racist in the sense that it is an attack on whites, it is very much black supremacist, in the same sense that white supremacists believe that whites are racially and/or spiritually superior to blacks. “Black theology” is pretty much the mirror image of the white racist “Christian Identity” movement.

For most of his interview with Wallace, Glenn Beck was downright goofy. He’s usually far more coherent. But his comment about Obama’s “theology” was misdirection, probably out of a desire not to look the seriousness of the issue in the eye. We’ve gotten to the point in the United States where you can be called a racist if you support tax cuts or do not support affirmative action, but no one has the guts to call a black president a racist based on his twenty years as a congregant at a distinctly racist church. That sort of odd aversion from facts is a prelude to full-blown detachment from reality. It has astonished me since I learned the facts about Obama’s church as he took center stage in American politics early in 2008. No white candidate would or should have survived five minutes with a background half as damning.

The President of the United States attended, with fervor, according to him, a church founded in the teachings of racist “black theology.” He knew where he was. Ergo, the President of the United States is a racist, and a virulent one. And so is his wife, who was right there alongside him. They took their children to that church. It is not something that he can talk his way out of, though of course he has tried.

Now, there just isn’t any room in that equation to change the subject to what a great guy he is, before you even get to the next fact, which is that he isn’t a great guy. He’s a worm and a liar.

This is what the gross negligence of the American media, the rottenness of Democratic leaders, the cowardice of Republicans, and the skittishness of most of the conservative media has left us with: someone serving as President of the United States who gave himself and his reputation and his money to a lunatic racist church for most of his adult life. Throw in the church’s Marxism and its vicious anti-Americanism and I think you can perhaps begin to see why we have a rather considerable problem on our hands.

Now, start to consider, finally, the massive snow job that put this guy in power. Where in the world did that come from?

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