Glenn Beck apologized for calling Obama a racist?

Just read that somewhere this evening. I guess it happened last year.

Heh. Why would he apologize?

Obama spent twenty years as a congregant at a racist “black liberation theology” church based in the teachings of an imbecile by the name of James Cone, who wrote that whites are devils, while blacks are the chosen people, and that the two can only be reconciled by whites submitting to blacks. And, no, I’m not kidding or making that up.

Obama knew where he was, and no one stays in a place like that for twenty years without wanting it.

What? Is there some sort of double standard for black presidents? Or is it that the media just kinda neglected to report it?

How did I find out about it? I went to the library and checked out some of the books that Jeremiah Wright said that anyone who wanted to understand his church needed to read. And some of those books are explicitly racist tracts.

It’s nothing that I didn’t report here, starting about two and a half years ago.

I’m thinking that if you attend what is an explicitly racist church based in an explicitly racist “theology,” which of course also believes it impossible for blacks to be racists, then by any sane sort of reasoning you are a racist. You have, especially as a politician, given your very public reputation over to an explicitly racist institution.

And, yes, I know that Obama used the old, “I only attended the Klan rallies, I didn’t burn any of the crosses” excuse, when he said that he didn’t hear Reverend Wright say those awful things everyone saw in the video clips. But that doesn’t make any difference. That church was based on those things. Wright fully acknowledges Cone’s “theology” as the foundation of the church’s teaching. Again, Obama knew where he was.

Now that the bloom is finally off the Obama rose maybe people will start to wake up to these very simple facts about this president. What sort of mass delusion drove the aversion to this in-plain-sight truth is something we need to study, before it happens again.

And that’s just got to do with the church’s racism, before factoring in the vicious anti-Americanism and the Marxism, also key components of the teaching.

The mist has lifted: Start trying to understand who the President of the United States really is. It’s really gonna help you understand what’s happening around you and what’s happened to you if you bought his baloney.

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